“Support the informal market and make real money,” says Extramile Africa CEO.


“The money is in turnover and not one-time profit. The
profit margin might not be as high as what we have in the formal market, but
the turnover cannot be beaten.” This assertion was made by the CEO of
Extramile Africa, Olalekan Bankole Emmanuel when addressing the press on
informal market. He further stated, “you can’t beat the informal market,
the same money can be used over and over to make more profit than any formal market
under careful monitoring and that is why we are assuring our customers
(investors) 25% returns on their direct investment with Extramile Africa.”



Extramile Africa is posited to be the first to fill this gap
in financial investment. The organization is developing smart financial
services and digitalizing the informal market. These are made possible with a
team of professionals who have the street experience and are the best at what
they do.

 The more businesses we empower, the more wealth we create for all

Abuja-headquartered digital financial services platform,
Extramile Africa has given microcredit and quick finance to over 40 small
businesses across two states in SW, Nigeria in three core trading zone which
are agribusiness, supply chain and LPO financing in just less than two months
of launching. Extramileafrica which pre-launched in December, 2018, iterated
her mobile wallet for users to lockup their money using their phone and
classified herself as the digital fintech platform to help ordinary people who
hate banking to invest their money and grow it by 25% per annum, while matching
the money with businesses that has high prospect to quick generate profit.


Extramile Africa, a financial inclusion driven platform helps the ordinary man on the street no matter his status to achieve his financial goals in the shortest time possible, a feat no formal financial institutions can promise or give. Extramile Africa gains much traction because of her strong belief in quickly turning the money over through smart trading, growing and managing people’s wealth, and delving deep into the rural and semi-urban areas where the bottom of pyramidsco-exist.¬† The profit-sharing startup creates a community of savers, investors and small businesses that can quickly scale, winning and earning together.


In conclusion, the CEO said, “if you really want yourmoney to work for you in the real sense and at the same time, give room for usto create more opportunities in the informal market, take a ride with ExtramileAfrica today as Extramile Africa’s expected revenue is projected to be over 50%by the end of the year; 31st December 2019.”

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