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Extramile Africa is a digital fintech that ignites opportunities for disruptive startups in Africa and investors (co-owners) by providing great returns and dividends for everyone.

What you can do as an Extramiler​

Save to Invest

Our save to invest wallet only empowers you to save bit-by-bit on your Extramile mobile wallet from #500 till you reach you investment threshold of #10,000

Direct Investment

Starts from #10,000 No limit to amount that can be invested. Money invested can be withdrawn anytime with no monetary penalty One-time Minimum deposit of #500 Daily, weekly, monthly or bulk investment is seamless on your Extramile wallet Encourages a one-time bulk investment Investment above #1,000,000 attracts extra bonus and dividends


Extramile Africa provides a digital wallet to a group of people wanting to save-to-invest together for a period of time for a specific purpose and they access more value on their money for that period of time. It could be short, medium- or long-term contributions.


Working with existing traditional and local corporative is exciting to us as we help them break the barrier of keeping money at home or under the pillow, making them to be prone to theft. Extramile Africa digitalize traditional corporative, thrift-collectors and local groups called Esusu. We help them manage digitally all aspect of their daily operations.

Let's take a walk through

Create a free account

To create an account, you can either download the app or click on “Create a Free Account” button, to get started. Submit your account details through the registration form.

Start Investing

After creating your account, you can click on “Save to Invest” to either invest a minimum of #500 daily, weekly or monthly, which will accumulate to #10,000 (the minimum investment fund) or do a direct investment of #10,000 and more.

Our mantra from one of Extramile Africa founder​

I have borne the idea for years that young African folks, who have little can multiply their wealth by supporting Africa young folks who have nothing but can do much with their skills (under careful business model)

Join our Community of Disruptive Startups

Our invested startups are funded by a community of thousands of savers, investors, and other lending institutions, all looking to lend into Africa’s emerging startups for robust dividends and long-term shareholding values. We still handle everything for you, but as well as getting the finance you need, you’ll know you’ve got a huge community of investors behind you. 

A Collaborative Note to Everyone

Save to Invest

Stop wasting your hard-earned money and time on unproductive and unprofitable get-rich-quick schemes/ventures that are threatening Africa’s ecosystem today. Join our pull of verified investment portfolios with just a minimum of 10,000 naira and you keep getting dividends. The more your investment, the juicer your dividends because unlike other finance institutions, you are no longer an investor, you are a shareholder. You are a co-owner of all our established enterprises.


Turn your Savings and Money into Profitable Investment

We are concerned about the slow growth of African community, it is high time we collaborated and collectively created a robust community with urgent sense of wealth-sharing among the commoners. Extramile’s core vision is to bridge the wider gap between the poor and the rich by 75% in 2035. We are committed to achieving this herculean task.

You can just be a Saver

On Extramile Africa, you can just be saving as low as #500 equivalent to $1.3 bit by bit as a guarantee for future emergencies and projects, all you need is to download the mobile app on your phone and start saving but there is a juicier offer called “save to invest” where you can turn your savings into smart investment in highly-profitable businesses.