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EMA is a home-grown fintech solution that is empowering African entrepreneurs to create the jobs, shared wealth and prosperity that Africa need through shared-economy model and strategic partnership for financial inclusion and the quick growth of the continent. Extramile Africa is the most unified and shared-platform to wealth and job creation In Extramile Africa, we are raising the men who built Africa through shared entrepreneurship, technology and collaboration We are poised to create micro-economy institutions in Africa through shared-collaboration, empower micro enterprises and ventures with tech and funding to boost prosperity and job creation in Africa. We create a shared-profit platform for ordinary people to own shares in tens of independent businesses that have nothing to do with each other by just investing in EMA. EMA is leveraging technology revolution to create jobs and wealth for millions of Africans. With technology, a journey of 10years has been shortened to 2years. In 2years, we are working to make thousands of ordinary people millionaires.

Our Juicy Services

Save to Invest

Our save to invest wallet only empowers you to save bit-by-bit on your Extramile mobile wallet from #500 till you reach you investment threshold of #10,000. Starts from #500. Make your contributions into your Extramile Wallet either daily, weekly or monthly. Your lockup money moves automatically to your investment wallet immediately you reach our investment threshold of #10,000. 

Direct Investment

Starts from #10,000. No limit to amount that can be invested.Money invested can be withdrawn anytime with no monetary penalty. One-time Minimum deposit of #500. Daily, weekly, monthly or bulk investment is seamless on your Extramile wallet. Encourages a one-time bulk investment. Investment above #1,000,000 attracts extra bonus and dividends


Extramile Africa provides a digital wallet to a group of people wanting to save-to-invest together for a period of time for a specic purpose and they access more value on their money for that period of time. It could be short, medium- or long-term contributions. This is extended to; Spouse that want to lockup their money planning for their wedding. A family setting aside small proportion of their money by locking it up in their Extramile wallet. 12.5% in six months or 25% in 12 months on their lockup money if it is #10,000 and above


Working with existing traditional and local corporative is exciting to us as we help them break the barrier of keeping money at home or under the pillow, making them to be prone to theft. Extramile Africa digitalize traditional corporative, thrift-collectors and local groups called Esusu. We help them manage digitally all aspect of their daily operations. If you run a local corporative union or associations, you can partner with us no matter how large or small your members are. 


Extradiaspora encourages seamless investment in indigenous businesses. It empowers Africans in diaspora to invest in businesses at home, in Africa for prot-sharing. Starts from $200. No limit to amount that can be invested. One-time Minimum deposits of $5. 25% ROI on every money invested.


Save daily on your Extramile wallet to access microcredits, quick loans and financing solely for petty traders and micro and small businesses. Access to quick loans without collateral or social securities. Save for a minimum of 1-month and get x3 or more of whatsoever you saved in your wallet. Just 2.5% interest rate per month on microcredits and loans you secured on Extramile Africa. Credit-rating is checked and approved within 24hours of request for a loan. Loans upto 3months


Our merchants are our field activators and agents connecting the unbanked, underserved and unbankable in even the remotest communities to be financially included and access robust financial services seamlessly wherever they are.