If your desire is to work in an organization where learning is encouraged, skills are developed,  passion is rewarded, and you get to have fun while being productive, here is the right place. Explore below to find out more about graduate, internship and experienced opportunities.

Extramile Africa is built on lofty ideals, with a vision to include the financial underserved. We are Igniting the present, and Lighting up the future with Disruptive Innovations. We are focused on giving everyone collective growth, success and progression. We entrench a culture of togetherness.

With a diverse team of on-ground and virtual team members and employees, Extramile Africa offers a suitable platform for personal, career, and what you could call all-round growth.

We are guided by a principle of 5C’s:

It is Extramile’s key desire and pursuit, that we collectively (by coming together, one crowd, one Africa, not just one person by many) build a business community, (a large entity of togetherness and a unit of family with common interests). Through our collaborations (joining of forces, maximizing strengths and weakening our weaknesses.) And our communer contributions to build conglomerates. (That several companies will arise from our collective efforts)

Available Opportunities

Experienced Hire

At Extramile Africa, we appreciate the innovations and diverse experiencial perspectives  of experienced hires, which is indeed valuable to us as a Start up to  join our existing team of competent staff.

Graduate Trainee

Our graduate trainees are being trained  egarding management, development programs and involvement in various aspects of the company such as marketing, sales, tech, accounting and so on and are expected to work side by side under the supervision of the senior employees or team members. The program varies and goes on for a minimum of 1 year.

Corporate Merchants

These are Organizations or individual in charge of an organization or established businesses with capacity to recruit marketers for Extramile Africa operations on the field and manage their office spaces as Extrapoints. Requirements for being a corporative merchant include:

Marketers & Relationship Managers

These are field officers who function in either categories of B2B or B2C as they could be involved in carrying our mobile financial services operations, loan issuance and recoveries or deployed to organizations such as NGOs, Associations, schools etc.

Their main responsibilities is to close deals and enusre that smooth day to day  operations in areas of attachment.

Individual Merchants

These are individual business owners or those in charge of an organization or established businesses with capacity to manage their office spaces and Extramile Africa activities as Extrapoints, such as thrifting, loaning and so on. The requirements for recruitment are the same as that of corporatives merchant with the exclusion of marketers recruitment and management.

Student Interns/Campus Ambassador

Our Campus Ambassadors are students on campus who believe in the vision of Extramile. Beyond this. They’re also the crop of students who want to be trained and groomed with skills required for effectiveness beyond the classroom.