About Us

Extramile Africa is a zero-fee and zero-risk (no hidden charges, no maintenance or ATM fee) fintech mobile app that allows users to ‘save and invest’ money digitally as an individual or cooperative in disruptive startups in Africa and get good dividends on investment as shareholders anywhere.

Extramile which is the foremost and fastest growing Digital Platform in Africa invested in startups that have high scalability potential to create jobs and redistribute wealth to underserved, unbanked, low income earners, young working class and Africans in diaspora that are willing to turn their savings into investment in Extramile Africa startups.

Extramile Africa is a mobile and sharing platform that connects invested money to indigenous and disruptive startups for a high return. It is an Africa community of savers, investors, startups and institutional investors and anyone that desire financial freedom and economy wellbeing.

Extramile saves you the headache of leaving your money in a save box or account without returns coupled with extra and hidden charges. We go the extra mile to turn your savings into investments in disruptive startups with bountiful dividends. Extramile makes it easier for those that don’t want to start their own business or don’t have the time or fund to start earning on other smart startups and building their wealth gradually. This will make you not to worry about pension plan. Start investing early, start now.

On extramile, you don’t get interest because we believe interest is small and it won’t pay you in the long run. We make you are a co-owner with dividends and shareholding values in striving businesses across Africa.


To Disrupt the Banking, Stock market and FinTech Industry.


To Build the largest Community of bit by bit Savers, Investors and Shareholders in selected highly Disruptive startups in Africa. Building a booming African economy by Africans for Africans.


Empowering Africa, by Africans


These are the unwavering principles that guide our day-to-day activities, helping us to stay true to our goal of empowering Africans by Africana and Building a better economy.


At Extramile Africa, we strongly believe in been the Team that our growing community will have Trust and Confidence in and ability to stay true to our mission and vision statement dedicated to comply to regulations and good ethical business practices.


At Extramile Africa we are only focused on developing Africa shared-economy, eradicating the stigma associated with Africa and tapping into Africa Uniqueness and vast potentials, empowering Africans by Africans and building a Stronger African Economy.


At Extramile Africa, we strongly believe in the statement "anything worth doing at all is worth doing well". we are dedicated to excellence and ensuring our daily activities are optimum to achieving our vision and mission statement.


At Extramile Africa, we are disciples of innovation and driven by the every growing Technology, always looking for a better way on how we can use the advancing technology to our advantage to increase efficiency.


We believed that millions of young and vulnerable Africans are sidelined and left behind leading to a wide gap between the poor and the rich. Extramile Africa goal is to bridge the gap and create relief.


The 5Cs are the building blocks of Extramile Africa. Our success and drive rest on these 5Cs. We believe that if we can pull funds, resources and skills together collectively, cooperatively and collaborate as a gearing community, we can build successful conglomerates easily in Africa.


  1. Collaboration
  2. Collectiveness
  3. Cooperativeness
  4. Conglomerate
  5. Community


We dont joke with your contact messages, requests, enquiries and queries.

You can find us in the following address

Akure Ondo State, Nigeria +234 803 602 8454 +234 803 602 8454