Experienced Hire


At Extramile Africa, we appreciate the innovations and diverse experiencial perspectives of experienced hires, which is indeed valuable to us as a Start up to join our existing team of competent staff. Extramile Africa is a leading Fintech platform providing opportunities in informal market digitalization, thrifting, transactions improvement, as well as financing of MSMEs Whatever industry experiences you have as long as the experiences translates to our core businesses, you're.much welcome to join our team and you can expect to make a difference from day one. The experience will be intriguing, rewarding and challenging, so if you’re looking for a place to develop your career, Extramile Africa is such a platform to be with.

How to Apply

Our experienced hire recruitment process is open-ended, which Implies that we're constantly scounting for fresh and experienced talents to add to our existing pool of talented teams. Please click here to fill a short form to send us your motivation and a descriptive CV well highlighting your strengths and USP’s Interviews Successful candidates at the first level of evaluation, will be shortlisted for an interview. There will be a minimum of two (2) interviews at this stage. Offer After successful completion of the above stages, you would be offered a position based on the division of your choice or otherwise, subject to availability.