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Extramile Africa is raising new force of executives that will understand and execute daily new business models and 21st century strategic ways of business operations and tactical management. 


There is a new wave of making money, don’t be left out. 


Don’t waste away with just knotting ties without knowing the nitty-gritty of driving customers 100x faster, business growth with a speed and working remotely.


Create an excellent and ever-rewarding career path with us at Extramile Africa and learn creative skills ➕ ability to make tons of income at your own pace. Guaranteed!


Our mandate is to Train, Empower and Raising new  Business Development Executive and salesForce team for Extramile Africa offerings



Extramile Africa aggregate, onboard and digitalize smallholder farmers, small businesses and micro enterprises operations in the informal market and we now connect them to sponsors and investors for shared profit. 


At Extramile Africa, we are creating strategic opportunities and pathways for the over 40million small businesses we have in Nigeria and by 2021, hoping to extend to Benin Republic, Togo and Ghana.


Join our community today to start making money and impacts. Good luck. 

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