Student Interns/ Campus Ambassadors

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Our Campus Ambassadors are students on campus who believe in the vision of Extramile.

Beyond this.

They're also the crop of students who want to be trained and groomed with skills required for effectiveness beyond the classroom. Extramile Africa recruits interns on campuses across Nigeria who in return, receive training, support and guidance to develop their potential, get mentored by some of our accomplished personnels, problem-solvers and dynamic innovators.

EMA Internship a great way to explore the career choices that lie ahead of you.

Job responsibilities will be spread accross the following areas

1. Represent Extramile Africa’s brand and on-board users on the Extramile platform (in the categories of Student Investors, Studentpreneurs, Staff Investors and Business Owners)

2. Impact target audience on financial literacy accross the working class, secondary schools and so on

3. Be involved in leading and building of the various Extramilers’ Communities

4. Organize with other ambassadors, class to class rallies and onboarding activities

5. Organize program, trainings and so on in faculties or the whole school as applicable

6. Participation in trainings, boot-camps or retreats conducted online and offline

7. Have an effective work-study lifestyle development as they're taken through several trainings and Mentoring.

8. Form teams and birth innovative and scalable ideas which Extramile Africa will be ready to back up and grow.

9. Develop and Express internal potentials as week as hard skills which could be put to paid use, by the company or leverage to build career for them.

Levels of internship

The internship program, based on the entry level (academic level in higher Institution) has 3 grades and based on that interns will have 3 grades based on the number of years of interning

Basic Interns: these interns spend between a minimum of 6 months in the program

Level 1 Interns: these interns spend between 6 months and 18 months

Level 2 interns: these stay from 18 months and above.

We believe in a growth process and so It's good to know that the internship program serves as a pool of potential workers to be offered jobs in the nearest future.